Thursday, December 9, 2010

Danbo's Misadventures - Episode 1 (Pilot)

This is the first episode of Danbo's Misadventures. I hope you'll like it. If you do so leave a comment so I will continue doing the series. Thank you and happy viewing!!!

*All photos was shot with Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro VR.

Another boring day at school.

Danbo: Why is this queue taking so long? Oh wait! Is that...

Danbo: ... Miyanokouji Mizuho (宮小路 瑞穂) my dream girl!!!

Danbo: Should I talk to her? This is my only chance. She'll be transferring to another school next semester. Here goes nothing!

Danbo: Hi There! Maybe you haven't notice me we take bio together. I'm Danboard you can call me Danbo for short. Not that I'm short... short for my name (what am I saying) Um ah...

Miyanokouji: Huh?

When you think everything is turning out great... tragedy strikes.

Big Dan: Hey Babe is this twerp bugging you?

Miyanokouji: Not really.

Big Dan: Beat it twerp!!!

Danbo: Sob :-(

Rejection is always hard to take but it's also rejection that keeps us stronger. Will Danbo ever get over this tragedy?

Kitty: Why are you crying Danbo?

Danbo: Oh It's you Kitty. I'm not crying.

Kitty: It's that girl Miyanokouji right?

Danbo: How did you know? I never told anyone.

Kitty: C'mon Danbo you're so obvious and besides you're my best friend how can I miss that one.

Danbo: Well I guess there's no hiding secrets from you. I'm just sad that I haven't even had the chance to talk to my dream girl. Maybe I did... sort of but that Big Dan Arrrrg!

Kitty: Silly you. Dream girls only exist on dreams. Don't worry you'll find one that is real and truly cares for you. You just have to look harder. You'll never know she might be standing in front of you.

Danbo: Good thing I have you Kitty. 

Kitty: Yes you do. ;-)

Danbo: Umm. Is it OK if I walk you home?

Kitty: Thought you'll never ask. :-)


Dedicated to Jenny Gironella and Baby Kae my two Kitties in life!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mobile Suit Zack-Danbo

"Amalgam Zack-Danbo"

Another addition to my Danbo series of photos. I combined my Mobile Suit Zack with Danbo. Actually I just replaced the arms. We always see Danbo so cute and innocent here she's fierce and awesomely tough (in a cute way of course hehe). "No more Mr. Nice Guy!" in Danbo's case - Ms. Nice Gal.

Adorable Danbo


"Warning: Don't stand near the ledge!"

"Danbo Loves Nikon"

"Hug Me Please"

"Take My Photo Please"

Here are few of my first Danbo shots. I fell in love with this toy the first time I saw it on the net. I keep on bugging my friend where to get it unfortunately it's all sold out but the time I almost give up looking an Ad on a website got my attention. Viola! I got my set of Danbos!!! Also the best way to test my Nikon 105mm Micro VR lens.